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3-Minute Meditation

Enhance Your Life in 1 - 2 - 3

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  1. Introduce a "Seed" phrase Set the intent silently with the few words of a selected "Seed":

    • Your "Inception Seed" - based on time of birth, The Inception Seed is used for your personal Medallion.

    • Your "Appellation Seed" - based on your name. Find your Name Seed >>>

    • A "Daily Seed" strengthens the energies present in the environment and this Seed changes 1-2 times/day. ​​See Calendar >>>

  2. Feel a warmth within your heart,

  3. Spin clockwise the inner "Way" (The "Way" is the inner rotating part of the Song/Medallion) - then Let Go! "Let go" is a way of saying, release the phrase from your thoughts and release your finger from spinning the Way. Allow the spinning to come to a stop before repeating the Seed phrase and spinning the Way again.

Repeat this process 3 times.

It is recommended to perform your Creating Technique: a 3-Minute Seed Meditation at least morning and evening daily.

Note: The Medallion is designed for use with the individual's Inception Seed. The Song may be used for all Seeds.

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