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Combining the mathematics of the locations of the stars

with the profound wisdom of the 81 Seeds of Creation,

every individual can discover the knowledge which is

Written in the Stars!



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Bringing the knowledge of the Seeds to life!

We offer a wide range of services designed to bring practical applications of the Seeds of Creation to all individuals.


* Relationships​

* Locations

* Names

Compatibility Evaluation

Harmonic Relationships is an evaluation between two individuals which looks at layers of compatibility such as Destiny, Happiness, Health, Productivity and Prosperity. Strengths and weaknesses are revealed as each of these layers receives a Harmonic Thermometer reading, showing a percentage of compatibility.


Time, date and place of birth is required for both individuals.

Mapping Service

Based upon the location of the planets and stars at the time of your birth, Harmonic Locations offer the knowledge of lines, or "bands" featuring harmonic energies, specific to that individual. These Harmonic Locations may be precisely charted on Earth. 5 "layers" or pages of harmonic lines reveal these beneficial locations worldwide. Zoom in and out to find your optimal location!

5 Global Maps with Personalized Star and Planet Location Lines

Name Recommendations

The role of the Name (one's "Appellation Seed") is to support—to enhance— the individual expression of life. The Name (Appellation) Seed must be in harmony with the Seed of Inception. When these expressions of harmonics are formed, life receives full Harmonic assistance and the greatest support is realized. 


To discover the wealth of information contained in your Harmonic Relationships, Locations or Names, here are the easy steps:

  1. Fill in the information

  2. Select the service

  3. Press continue

Online Services:

Harmonic Relationships:

Compatibility Analysis Between Two People

For this select, "Compatibility Evaluation"

Harmonic Locations:

Locate Your Bands of Energy and Support

For this select, "Mapping Service"

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In this table you will find a menu of name categories. Choose from these categories and select the gender and Seed # and open your life to the rewards of Harmonics!

Harmonic Relationships:

Harmonics compatibility is the basis for all successful values of relationship--relationship within one's own self as identified by I AM Harmonics, and relationship values existing on the level of compatibility between people. A name will influence not only the inner feelings of balance and harmony within one's  personal experience, but will also affect--either strengthening or weakening--the dynamic outer values -- support from the environment as well as harmony in relations with others. 


The Harmonics Name Recommendation calculator will provide you with a list of supportive names, and if you have someone with whom you wish to consider compatibility, it will also take into account the compatibility ranking between your recommended names and the other individual. In this way, you will have a clear picture of how each recommended name will influence your own life as well as how each name would impact your relationship with another person with a percentage range which extends up to 100%. Anything above 80% is considered harmonic and very compatible. 

We hope you enjoy discovering your supportive name.


If you need further assistance please send an email to or call us at 303-722-2213.

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To view lists of names by Seed #, fill in the information requested and select the grouping of names. Select names from the following categories:

  1. Popular Names - from a list of 1,000 feminine + 1,000 masculine names

  2. Names by Culture or Nationality (ex. Italian)

  3. Complete Listing - from a database of 33,000 names!

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