Hello Galileo!

Galileo is a lovable "baby star dragon" plushie, featuring a pocket in the belly which secures the child's Medallion with a short cord. Galileo protects the child's precious Medallion from loss or damage with it's padded pouch, while encouraging children to practice a "3-minute meditation" mornings and evenings.


  • The Galileo Deluxe Medallion Set include's the child's personalized Medallion—relating to the child's "Inception Seed." The custom Medallion is based upon the child's time, date and place of birth.


Together with Galileo, the child spins the inner Way of the Medallion for the daily Seed Meditation.  



If you have any questions or require any assistance in calculating your Inception Seed for your personalized Medallion, please contact us at:

Tel. (303) 722-2234 or Email us at info@creatingacademy.org.


Galileo Children's Custom MEDALLION


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