Primary Wheel of Genesis

Sunrise Energy


This Wheel balances all levels of life it is good to use when life is in the throes of turmoil. It allows for the emergence of the inner radiance of the human spirit. Sudden flashes of inspiration can occur through the influence of this Wheel, and these momentary flashes become the guiding stars for the lives of the seekers of light. It balances selfish tendencies, mental confusion, lack of clarity and confidence. The effects of this Wheel are primarily on intellectual and inspirational levels.


Knowledge Through Inquiry
Inquiry is initiated through intent. Intent establishes direction; motion is produced. When alertness is maintained during motion, this is a refined state of motion. In a refined state of motion--a ripened state of alertness--conditions are prime for Knowledge to be acquired. Knowledge seeks out the alert state. A state of alertness draws forth Knowledge. Knowledge is gained along the path of the Flying Seed through inquiry, through an alert state of awareness.

Dark Blue


Dark Blue






  • Perception of Higher Octaves

  • Imparts intellectual, mental development, self-reliance

  • Purifies lymph & congestion

Basic Seed Character

Dark Blue


  • Clarifies path of action

  • Wisdom

  • Freedom from attachment

Gaining Support from this Seed
  • Scientific Research
  • Health and Medicine
  • Management
  • Public Relations
  • Communications
  • Military
  • Teaching
  • Leadership, Guidance, Inspiration
  • Travel and Exploration
  • Sales and Real Estate

Dark Blue


  • Lifts veil of ignorance & promotes understanding, friendliness, love

  • Lightens responsibilities

  • Harmonizes head disease discomfort

Events & Activities Gaining Support from this Seed
  • Medical and health treatments

  • Ceremonies and acts of devotion

  • Renovation

  • Farming

  • Gardening and sowing seeds

  • Teaching

  • Purchase of vehicles

Well begun is half done!


Selfish, Self-centered, Aloof, Lack of sensitivity, Disappointed in human conditions.


Ambitious, Dependable, Impatient, Confident, Energetic, Power-seeking, Efficient, Perceptive, Practical, Innovative, Resourceful


The Aware, Just opinions, Vision of the layers, Dimensional knowledge, Material Success

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