Dark Blue


  • Blossoming of latent faculties

  • Fulfilling personal destiny

  • Promotes peace, tranquility & balances excess mental energy


The Well Brings Forth Water
Water is of the spirit. Because of the distance which separates, the water must be delivered by use of the well. Tools may be required owing to the distance which separates the layers.

This wheel represents the great guardian beings of light which provide individual assistance and protection in the event of obstacles or disturbances; these angels intervene when danger is present or whenever there has been a diversion from the proper course of action. This wheel also eases restlessness.

First Rays


Primary Wheel of Genesis

Basic Seed Character

Dark Blue


Full Rays


Full Rays


Gaining Support from this Seed
  • Research

  • Technician

  • Journalist / Writer
  • Artist
  • Medicine
  • Teacher
  • Multi-Talented. It is likely to have more than one occupation over time.

Full Rays


  • Promotes self-reliance & individuality

  • Embracing of personal mission with zeal

  • Focuses behavior, gives direction

Full Rays


  • Cleanses past impressions

  • Prepares individual for great changes

  • Balances mental turmoil 

Events & Activities Gaining Support from this Seed
  • Aquatic activities

  • Overcoming obstacles

  • Actions relating to the lands and waters

  • Contracts and agreements

  • Contrpversies

  • Meeting with the opposition

  • Spiritual activities

Well begun is half done!


Rigid, Stubborn, Impatient, Determined, Intolerant, Commanding respect and authority


The Seeker, Researcher, Inward focus of attention, Emotionally guarded, Analytic, Perceptive, Aware, Meditative, Scholarly, Elegant


The Seer, Gifted, Logical, Peaceful, Poised, Focused, Fountain of knowledge